“The Mad Lassi Story”

Welcome to Madlassi

Mad Lassi is founded by the same team of Sandwich Square which has a presence in 11 cities of India with 50 plus outlets.

Lassi is not something new to Indians. The concept originated somewhere around 1000 BC and began either with fine fruits or pure spices. An ancient smoothie originally from the lands of Punjab and Multan in India is a yoghurt based drink that is popular among Indians for its incredibly refreshing taste.

Lassi had been Indian subcontinent’s most popular traditional yoghurt for centuries but lost its authentic way of making due to adulteration.

To reclaim the real LASSI OF INDIA- MAD LASSI was started on December 25th 2018 in Chennai, after year-long research across the nation.

Origin Of Lassi

Origin and original form of lassi traces to Banaras (currently known as Varanasi) and Punjab region. So as the handmade Lassi at Mad Lassi is classified into Banarasi Lassi and Punjabi Lassi. Apparently we maintain the consistency of our by lassi though a hand churner, not a conventional mixer. Fresh fruits go well with lassi and thus we introduced 143 flavours for you to choose from. Enjoy Mad lassi with the goodness of dry fruits and the crunch of almonds, or any fruit of your choice.

In addition, Mad Lassi also sells real fruit juice, faloodas, milkshake and a long list of bites. And standalone Tea- Sulaimani with real Indian spices is also made with love and no products of Mad Lassi has added colors or preservatives.


“Why Mad Lassi?”

Authentic Taste

A fruitful and ethical business model

Healthy menu for all season.

Tested and proven delicious taste.

Destination to quench thirst in a healthy way.

Economical investment.

Our “Good Food” concept.

ROI of 100% in the 2nd FY itself.

We have everything systemized support.